Catherine Mater

Vice President, Mater Engineering and Senior Fellow, Pinchot Institute for Conservation

Catherine Mater, VP, Mater Engineering, also serves as a Senior Fellow to the Pinchot Institute for Conservation based in Washington, DC.  As a Senior fellow, she provides expertise on a wide range of Pinchot Institute projects based upon her extensive experience in assisting in the development of new engineering technologies and marketing strategies for secondary wood products and special forest products for both domestic and international markets. Most recently, she has assisted softwood and hardwood product manufacturers and producer associations across the United States in identifying markets for sustainably harvested “green certified” wood products, and has served as the project manager for all certification pilot projects conducted on public forestlands in the United States. Working with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Catherine has co-authored a series of textbook case studies documenting the commercial viability of sustainable forest practices throughout the world. As part of her work she has managed several projects for the Pinchot Institute related to conservation and certification.

Bioenergy and Wood Products' Agenda