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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meetings

Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting
Washington, DC
February 5, 2008
Actions and Decisions

TOPIC: Modifying Guidance for Implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Policy (Appropriate Management Response)

DECISION: Make decision earlier than June meeting, through a conference call in mid-March so the policy will be in place for the upcoming fire season.

TOPIC: Re-evaluation of WUI Definition

DECISION: Recommend asking the NWCG WUI Working Team (Allen Dozier – leader) (Jim Erickson is liaison to group) to look at both the current WUI definition (and the possibility of adding criteria within that definition) and how we prioritize funding in the WUI (effectiveness). Make sure team has broad membership – suggest adding a representative from the National Association of Conservation Districts, if they are not already involved. Task the team no later than February 22. A DRAFT recommendation to WFLC is expected from this team by May in advance of a decision at the June WFLC Meeting.

TOPIC: Shelter-in–Place

DECISION: What benefits are derived from Shelter-in-Place and how could this be implemented? Jim Erickson will approach the NWCG WUI Working Team on whether they would be willing to take this on after the WUI definition topic.

TOPIC: Draft Monitoring Performance Report

DECISION: Members will review the DRAFT report and get back to Tom Quigley by March 31st with comments on the report and suggestions for the next report. Tom and the FEC will integrate comments and have the report completed by the June WFLC meeting including an executive summary (of not more than 10-12 pages), a list of contributors, as well as recommendations for the next report.

Next Meeting

June 24-27, 2008, at USGS’s Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Suggested Topics of Discussion

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of hazardous fuel treatments.
  • The crosswalk on training standards with DHS.
  • Fire reporting systems (develop a nationwide system).
  • Roles and responsibilities for structure protection.