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Wildland Fire Leadership Council

Picture of golden aspens, meadows, and green conifer forest in the background.

The Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC) was originally established in April 2002 by the Secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior to provide an intergovernmental committee to support the implementation and coordination of Federal Fire Management Policy. An updated Memorandum of Understanding (PDF, 1 MB) was signed in 2016 by the Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of Homeland Security to authorize the continuation of the WFLC. The Council meets regularly to provide oversight and coordination of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy.


The Wildland Fire Leadership Council (Council) is an intergovernmental committee of Federal, state, tribal, county, and municipal government officials convened by the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, Defense, and Homeland Security dedicated to consistent implementation of wildland fire policies, goals, and management activities. The Council provides strategic recommendations to help ensure policy coordination, accountability and effective implementation of Federal wildland fire management policy and related long-term strategies through a collaborative environment to help ensure effective and efficient wildfire management, promote fire-adapted communities and create resilient landscapes to achieve long-range benefits for society and nature.

National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy

The Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations Act requires the Forest Service and Department of Interior to submit to Congress a report that contains a cohesive wildfire management strategy consistent with recommendations in recent General Accountability Office (GAO) reports regarding management strategies. Following its formal approval by the Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of Interior by October 2010, the Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy is to be revised at least once during each five year period to address any changes with respect to landscape, vegetation, climate, and weather conditions. Read more about the Cohesive Strategy…

The Wildland Fire Executive Council (WFEC) was appointed by the WFLC to provide oversight during the development of the cohesive strategy. The WFEC has been disbanded. However, resulting materials that were developed remains relevant and available.

The WFLC has chartered the National Strategy Committee (NSC) to provide leadership and oversight for the implementation of the cohesive strategy. See the NSC Charter (PDF, 778 MB) for more information.

Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meetings

The Council meets regularly to coordinate implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy.

Date Location Notes
10/17/2023 Fish Camp, CA Available (PDF, 156 KB)
03/16/2023 Klamath Falls, OR Available (PDF, 98 KB)
11/29/2022 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 129 KB)
09/08/2022 Santa Fe, NM Available (PDF, 104 KB)
06/13/2022 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 74 KB)
03/28/2022 Spokane Valley, WA Available (PDF, 134 KB)
01/26/2022 Conference Call Available (PDF, 115 KB)
10/18/2021 Conference Call Available (PDF, 117 KB)
04/08/2021 Conference Call Available (PDF, 79 KB)
12/03/2020 Conference Call Available (PDF, 164 KB)
09/29/2020 Conference Call Available (PDF, 222 KB)
05/11/2020 Conference Call Available (PDF, 201 KB)
03/12/2020 Conference Call Available (PDF, 278 KB)
01/10/2020 Tallahassee, FL Available (PDF, 469 KB)
05/09/2019 San Diego, CA Available (PDF, 286 KB)
09/17/2018 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 206 KB)
06/13/2018 Colorado Springs, CO Available (PDF, 170 KB)
03/05/2018 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 125 KB)
11/02/2017 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 140 KB)
06/15/2017 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 94 KB)
03/02/2017 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 121 KB)
11/30/2016 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 106 KB)
09/07-08/2016 Boise, ID Available (PDF, 119 KB)
01/25-26/2016 Fernandina Beach, Florida Available (PDF, 145 KB)
05/16/2016 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 118 KB)
10/06/2015 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 100 KB)
07/28-29/2015 Ashland, Oregon Available (PDF, 176 KB)
06/12/2015 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 120 KB)
04/01/2015 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 207 KB)
01/20/2015 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 227 KB)
10/29-30/2014 Washington, DC Available
09/15/2014 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 88 KB)
07/16/2014 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 132 KB)
04/09/2014 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 57 KB)
12/16/2013 Washington, DC Available (PDF, 81 KB)
11/14/2012 Washington, DC Available
04/17-18/2012 Washington, DC Available
11/9-10/2011 Denver, Colorado Available
03/10/2011 Washington, DC Available
03/16-17/2010 Washington, DC Available
07/21-22/2010 Reno, NV Available
10/29-30/2010 Washington, DC Available

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