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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting

March 10, 2011
Washington DC


  • Proposed language changes to Cohesive Strategy reports approved. Once changes are made, the reports will be forwarded to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior for signature.
  • Target date for press release announcing Cohesive Strategy reports set for March 17, 2011.
  • Proposed membership for Cohesive Strategy Regional Strategy Committees (RSC) approved. Glenn Gaines will serve as conduit to RSC for information and participation from FEMA-DHS Emergency Services.
  • Proposed membership for the Wildland Fire Executive Council approved.


  • Once Cohesive Strategy reports are signed and released, follow-up visits with Congressional members will be scheduled.
  • Letters of support from partner organizations in Cohesive Strategy effort may be submitted and included in transmittal package to Congress and on the website (
  • Submit additional names for Regional Strategy Committees ASAP to Jenna Sloan.
  • Complete talking points and briefing material on the role of CRAFT (Comparative Risk Assessment Framework and Tools) for Cohesive Strategy presentations.
  • Publish Federal Register Notice of Meetings for the Wildland Fire Executive Council.
  • Identify member to represent the National League of Cities on the Wildland Fire Executive Council.
  • WFLC members submit comments on draft LANDFIRE charter to Frank Fay and Henry Bastian by May 1, 2011.
  • Present final draft of new LANDFIRE charter at next WFLC meeting for approval and signature.