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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meetings

Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting
Biloxi, Mississippi
February 22, 2007

Summary Decision and Action Items


  • Geoff Haskett, FWS
  • Arch Wells, BIA
  • Jim Douglas, BLM
  • Gail Kimbell, Chief, USFS, Chair WFLC
  • Nina Rose Hatfield, DOI
  • Mark Rey, USDA
  • Julie Jacobson, DOI
  • Karen Taylor-Goodrich, NPS
  • Bob Doyle, USGS
  • Dave Tenny, USDA
  • Jim Wattenburger, Mendocino County, CA
  • Lori Faeth, State of Arizona
  • Jim Erickson, tribal representative
  • Jeff Jahnke, State of Colorado


  • Ralph Dorn, USFS
  • Chuck Myers, USFS, Regional Forester, Region 8
  • Jay Jensen, Western Forestry Leadership Coalition
  • Tom Harbour, USFS
  • Paul Orbuch, WGA
  • Paul Beddoe, NACo
  • Tony Dixon, USFS, Forest Supervisor, National Forests in Mississippi
  • Tom Quigley, METI
  • Rick Prausa, USFS
  • Carolyn Shedd, USFS, notes
  • Rick Alexander, USFS
  • Larry Lesko, USFS
  • Nancy Guerrero, OWFC
  • Mark Beighley, OWFC
  • Laura McCarthy, TNC


  • Request Secretaries to extend MOU
  • Revise MOU language for NGO participation consistent with WFLC goals. WFLC should not become a Federal Advisory Committee. Consider addition of a fire chief’s representative as WFLC member, in a manner consistent with FACA. Confer with legal counsel. Draft business rules for review.
  • Circulate draft, convene conference call to discuss. (WFLC Staff)
  • New MOU at June meeting


DECISION: The outline is accepted. There is a concern that we do not duplicate data collection. Need to coordinate with each agency’s Performance and Accountability Report (PAR); requested that each PAR coordinator/report writer get in touch with Tom Quigley. Include NASF representative on Monitoring Oversight Team. There was concern expressed about the monitoring and performance measures report delivery date each year. The desire is to have it available at the beginning of each calendar year or even mid-December. Tom Quigley will pursue data availability issues that may prevent having the report available at that earlier date. It was also agreed that the report data would reflect a breakout by agency rather than a single entry combining the two Departments numbers.


DECISION: Lead agencies will continue to convene teams to complete tasks not only in 2007 but longer term as well. TNC and other NGOs will assist with communication plan for wildland fire use as part of TYIP Goal 3, Task 2.


  • June 19 & 20, 2007 Red Lodge, MT
  • October, 2007 NCTC, Shepherdstown, WV (to coincide with 100th meeting of NWCG during week of October 9-12, 2007)
  • February 2008, Washington, DC (one day during week of February 4-8, 2008)
  • June 2008, EROS, Sioux Falls, SD (2 days during week of June 23-27, 2008)

DECISION: All January-February meetings will be held in Washington, DC. Goal is to schedule WFLC meeting locations and dates for a year in advance.