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Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meetings

Wildland Fire Leadership Council Meeting
Shepherdstown, West Virginia
October 10-11, 2007
Meeting Notes


Jeff Jahnke, Lori Faeth, Bill Downes, Robert Doyle, Tom Kuntz, Jim Hubbard, Rick Prausa, Nina Hatfield, Mark Beighley, Steve Allred, Ken Stansel, Charlie Dickinson, Karen Taylor-Goodrich, Jim Caswell, Dan Wenk.

Action Items

Item Lead Completion Date
Present results of polling data on public expectations at next WFLC meeting. Laura McCarthy February 2008 Meeting
Redistribute Cost Containment Report ("Caswell Report") to members of council. Nancy Completed – October 16, 2007
Complete a draft communication plan for the release of the aviation strategy - ensure the states (NASF) are included in this effort. FS – Larry Brosnan,
DOI – Kevin Hamilton,
NASF – Dan Smith
June 2008 Meeting
Provide Tom Quigley’s draft report on WFLC performance measures to WFLC members by December 1, 2007. Rick Prausa February 2008 Meeting
Determine if there is a way to influence criteria for FIREWISE grant allocation. Kelly Hawk February 2008 Meeting
Update WFLC accomplishments. Larry, Nancy, and Kate February 2008 Meeting
Produce briefing paper discussing how action items address challenges. Mark Beighley Completed – November 2007
NWCG develop position paper articulating federal roles and responsibilities in the WUI. Kirk Roudabough (NWCG chair) June 2008 Meeting
Assign a lead to monitor implementation of 10-Year Implementation Plan Tasks. Rick Prausa
Mark Beighley
Representative selected from FEMA’s Fire Administration – November 26, 2007
Agenda for March Collaboration Workshop.   Completed – October 30, 2007

Upcoming Meetings

A one-day WFLC business meeting is scheduled to be held the week of February 4-8, 2008 in Washington, DC, venue to be determined.

Suggestions for February 2008 meeting topics:

  • Include update on biomass in February meeting.
  • Debrief on 2007 fire season, including tactics, cost savings and comparison with 2006 fire season.
  • Discuss emergency stabilization and rehabilitation criteria and definitions. Include states in discussion.
  • Monitoring performance report.
  • Cost containment report.

Suggestions for March 2008 “Collaboration Workshop” topics:

  • Develop “blue print” outlining best practices for homeowners in Wildland Urban Interface and distribute widely among stakeholders.
  • Work toward developing partnership between federal wildland fire management agencies and the insurance industry.