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Dispatch Governance and Staffing

Governance tasks include:

  • Determine and implement appropriate structure, funding policies, decision processes and delegation of authorities used to manage dispatch operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Address organization governance structures and processes for shared dispatch operations including:
    • Membership, authorities, roles and responsibilities, decision processes and funding.
  • Implement changes to operational practices, business practices and standards across agencies to increase operational efficiency while effectively meeting mission requirements.
  • Establish clear accountability and continuity of operations regarding dispatch governance and policies.
  • Balance the dispatch workload to determine optimal hours of operation, staffing and organizational structures.
  • Identify and implement changes to define areas of responsibility and identify logical consolidations.

Team Leaders

  • Ken Maas

Subject Matter Experts

  • Barbara Kraemer, Alaska, State
  • Beth Jablonski, Eastern, Forest Service
  • Richard Wilson, Great Basin, Bureau of Land Management
  • Heather McDonald, Great Basin, National Park Service
  • Mac Heller, North Operations, Forest Service
  • Timothy Bradley, Northern Rockies, Forest Service
  • Norval Tyler, Southwest, State
  • David Mosher, Northern Rockies, Forest Service
  • Robert Narus, Pacific Northwest, Bureau of Land Management
  • Karen Curtiss, Pacific Northwest, Forest Service
  • Jill Jones, Pacific Northwest, State
  • Cathy Hutton, Rocky Mountain, Bureau of Land Management
  • Sheri Fox, Rocky Mountain, Forest Service
  • Julian Affuso, Rocky Mountain, Forest Service
  • Jeri Lynne Hayes, South Operations, Forest Service
  • Jeff Walther, Southwest, Forest Service
  • Scott Swendsen, Southern, Forest Service
  • Cynthia Foster, Southern, State
  • John Byas, Law Enforcement, Forest Service
  • Dave Carter, Rocky Mountain, Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Dan Ialenti, National Operations Center (NOC), Bureau of Land Management
  • Chris Buzo, Chief Information Office (CIO), Forest Service
  • Doug Stefan, National Interagency Coordination Center, Forest Service

Union Representation

  • Joe Duran, National Federation of Federal Employees, Forest Service
  • Charlie Armiger, National Federation of Federal Employees, Forest Service
  • Susie Greenhalgh, National Federation of Federal Employees, Department of the Interior

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