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Conference Call Notes
December 18, 2006

WLFC Chair Dale Bosworth reminded members of the February 21-22, 2007 meeting in Biloxi, MS.

After discussion about the Fire Program Analysis (FPA) alternatives, conference call participants agreed to develop a prototype for Alternative 3 by June 30, 2007. Concurrently, a report will be developed by June 30, 2007 to outline the feasibility and estimated cost of adding the large fire probability simulator component of Alternative 4 to Alternative 3. Following presentation and consideration of the prototype and report, WFLC will decide on the next steps for development of FPA.

Conference call participants included the following:

Steve Allred, Mark Beighley, Henri Bisson, Dale Bosworth, Bill Breedlove, Jim Caswell, Kent Connaughton, Jim Douglas, Lori Faeth, Allan Fitzsimmons, Gary Gilbert, Nancy Guerrero, Tom Harbour, Nina Rose Hatfield, Jim Hubbard, Julie Jacobson, Jeff Jahnke, Jim Kurth, Barb Loving, Mark Myers, Tom Nichols, Paul Orbuch, Rick Prausa, Tom Quigley, Mark Rey, Bodie Shaw, Karen Taylor-Goodrich, Peter Teensma, Dave Tenny, Kim Van Hemelryck, Jack Waide, Tom Weimer, and Fred Wetzel.

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