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National Science and Analysis Team (NSAT)

Science is an essential component of the Cohesive Strategy's holistic approach. In order to better integrate scientific understanding and rigor into the Cohesive Strategy, the National Science and Analysis Team (NSAT) was formed to support development and implementation of the Cohesive Strategy. Since 2010, more than sixty people representing numerous agencies and organizations have contributed to the NSAT's efforts. A smaller core group has been tasked with the more data intensive tasks and provides direct support to various other planning teams. The work of the NSAT has proceeded in phases parallel to the work of the national and regional planning committees.

The National Science Analysis of the Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (Cohesive Strategy) represents the culmination of an innovative national approach to address the increasingly complex reality of wildland fire management in the United States. This website provides information and data from the science analysis, where the user can access the products used and created by the National Science Analysis Team (NSAT) to develop the comprehensive, science-based cohesive strategy.

The NSAT's central tasks are to:

  • Assemble credible scientific information, data, and models that can be used by the NSAT and others working on the Cohesive Strategy.
  • Assist with the application of a structured decision analysis process to help national and regional planning committees clarify objectives, identify, and evaluate potential actions to achieve desired outcomes efficiently.
  • Synthesize and analyze a broad spectrum of information and data to explore national challenges and opportunities, identify a range of management options, and help set national priorities for addressing key issues.

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